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Kavanagh’s Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

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Kavanagh’s Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Isn’t it great that the long dark cold evenings are dwindling away by the day! The Spring is on the way which gives everyone a lift after a long Winter. With the arrival of Spring comes the inevitable Spring clean. As much as we don’t like it, it kind of has to be performed. However have no fear, we are here to help. Here are our top 10 tips to get you started.

1. Plan for where you want to clean

If you live in a small apartment, a bungalow, townhouse, or 2/3 storey house, planning for where you want to clean is very important. Make a list of every part of each room that needs to be cleaned. For example, clean the upstairs en-suite toilet, tidy away the unused toys in the kid’s playroom or declutter under the sink in the kitchen.

2. Prepare your kit

Once your plan has been constructed, now gather you tools to get working. Cleaning materials might include brushes, mops, cleaning detergents, clothes, bin bags, paper towels, glass polish etc. This will get ensure you get the ball rolling so that you have the necessary equipment at your disposal.

3. Declutter

Decluttering should really be done every 6 months to ensure you get rid of any items that you haven’t used or wore to free up space. Old or unwanted items such as clothes, books, bed linen, ornaments, toys or even furniture can be gathered and donated to your local charity or perhaps recycled to a friend or family. Once this has been completed, your home will start to look free again of clutter and your cleaning can begin in ernest.

4. Clean from the top down

Always clean from the ceiling to the floor. This will ensure that you do not return dirt to already cleaned surfaces. For example first tidy, then dust along the ceiling, light fixtures and fittings, photos and pictures etc. Then commence your brushing, hoovering and mopping the floors once everything else in the room is completed. It is also advised to start and complete the upstairs before you start any cleaning downstairs.

5. Cleaning Curtains & Blinds

Normally with standard weekly cleaning or tidying routines, curtains and blinds can be neglected but they can collect a surprising amount of dirt and dust. Depending on your curtains materials, some can be washed or dry cleaned. Please follow the label for cleaning instructions on the curtains. Attached to most hoovers is a small nozzle with a short brush built in that is ideal for vacuuming your blind fabric, slats and also for your curtains. Ensure you vacuum both sides of your blinds and curtains to get as much dust as possible. Steam cleaners are very handy to give your blinds and curtain a thorough cleaning. Also, a rub of a damp cloth on your wooden Venetians or vertical blinds can also help to get rid of any dirt or dust that may have accumulated.

 6. Freshen up your Rugs

Rugs can gather lots of dirt and odours if not cleaned regularly. We recommend that you hand your rug or mat on a washing line and use a sweeping brush to knock the dust and dirt out of it. This should remove the bulk of debris, dirt, dust and damaged rug particles.

Uses the hoover to vacuum out any of the fine dust and to bring a new look and feel to the rug apply some carpet shampoo.

 7. Oven Cleaning

Life in the present day is very hectic and sometimes your oven can be one of the most used items in your home but least one cleaning! A buildup of grease, grime and oils can accumulate in your oven which can become very smelly & visually unpleasant. So to begin the clean start by removing the racks and placing them in a basin full of hot water and a special oven cleaning agent of washing up liquid. Allow these to soak while you commence cleaning the inside of the oven with oven cleaner. Please ensure you read the instructions on the oven cleaner before you use as they can contain hazardous and powerful chemicals. Scrub the racks with a brush, clean, rinse and dry. Ensure that you wash off all oven cleaning chemicals from the walls of the oven and racks before you use the oven again.

8. Clean your Mattress

Start by removing all bedding, and use a vacuum to vacuum to suck up any dust, hair and any other bits that may have accumulated on the mattress over time. Spot clean any stains with a stain remover and a damp cloth. A handy tip is to sprinkle a light layer of baking soda over the mattress and let soak in for a few minutes. This will absorb any moisture which will leave the mattress smelling fresh and new again. Remove the excess baking soda using the vacuum cleaner again. If you don’t have a Mattress Protector, it’s a good time to pick one up while your bedding is off. This will protect against any future dirt, liquid and stains. They can also be put into the washing machine to wash on a regular basis. Also, it’s the perfect time to refresh your bedclothes and pillows.

9. Fridge and Freezer Clean

The optimum time to clean your fridge is before you get the weekly grocery shopping as the contents of the fridge is at its lowest. Take out any remaining contents and check the use by date on all jars and bottles and get rid of those out of date or those that won’t be used. Take out the racks and boxes and clean in a basin of hot water with some cleaning agent. Then proceed to wipe down the inside of the fridge with a damp cloth and some disinfectant. Do the same with your freezer once it has been fully defrosted first. 

10. Delegate

Some jobs need to be delegated such as window cleaning, fascia & soffit cleaning & power washing and chimney cleaning which uses special equipment and requires experience.

All in all, Spring is a time to refresh the home after the Winter and to enjoy your home with the impending natural light in those long Spring & Summer evenings!

Hope you enjoyed these Tips! Please feel free to share with your pals.

Stay tuned here for our next weekly blog post!


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